Sic Bo is an interesting, fast-paced betting game, loved by many people. It’s very different from most betting games which tend to involve a lot of thinking and strategy. Sic Bo requires those things too, but in rapid speed!

The game is over almost as fast as it starts. You place your bets, as many as you want, roll three dice, and the bets are counted! That’s it! Sounds simple, but there’s a little more to it.

Read on to find out exactly what Sic Bo is and how it works!

What Does Sic Bo Mean?

Sic Bo doesn’t sound like a ‘sick bow,’ if that’s what you’re thinking. You pronounce the name as ‘See Bow’ thanks to the silent ‘c.’ The meaning of this is actually ‘dice pair.’ It’s a little ironic that the game means a pair of dice when you’re actually going to use three. Perhaps there is no difference in ‘a pair’ and ‘a few’ in the original language.

In any case, this isn’t the only name for this game style. Some people call it Tai Sai, which means ‘Lucky Dice.’ Others call it Dai Siu, meaning ‘Big Small.’ If you look at the board in question, you’ll probably start figuring out why these names make sense.

To put the game into perspective, you can compare it to Grand Hazard or Chuck-a-Luck. If you frequent betting games, then I’m confident you’ve at least heard of these, if not played them yourself. Sic Bo is quite similar to them, but with unique differences, of course. Let’s take a look at the board:

Sic Bo Board

At first glance, this board may seem complicated to you. I assure you, it is quite straightforward. The main purpose of the board is for placing bets. The idea is you will place bets depending on a single die result, two dice results, or all three.

You can place as many bets as you like, bearing in mind that the more you place, the more you may lose. (We’ll discuss the types of bets that take place in another article) After placing all the bets, you’ll roll the dice in the small cage nearby the dealer.

Following the roll, the house will count up the results of everyone’s bets. Each type of bet earns you a different reward. A bet on a single die will earn a small reward, while a bet on all three will earn a bigger reward. If your bet was incorrect, your money goes to the house, and you’re back to square one.

Sic Bo Online

You can play sicbo game online now! The style of the game is essentially the same. The main difference is that you’ll be placing bets on your own, rather than with other betters. The three dice will be rolled using an RNG program to prevent the game from cheating you.

Overall, your strategies will be the same. It really depends on whether you’d rather play in a group outside somewhere or have the convenience and peace of home using online Sic Bo. The choice is yours!

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