Want Me To Be A Poker Pro

Want me to be a poker pro? – Nothing but the truth

Many young people are concerned with the question of whether they want to become professional poker players. As with any difficult decision, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

We play poker to become financially independent and free. By fast I mean no lucky lucker career a la Chris Moneymaker, but fast in comparison to that, how long it would last in the free economy.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The reality today is as follows: More and more people are pushed into the low-wage sector and have to work under inhumane conditions for a wage that is too little to live on and too much to die on.

The problem becomes even more serious if we do not look at it nationally/Europe-wide but internationally.

We should be aware that the standard of living in Germany is among the best in the world.

Many companies exploit their employees and demand unpaid overtime. Formerly flourishing companies and family businesses have been changed by high finance in the sense of shareholder value to the disadvantage of employees. Dividends for shareholders take precedence over employee interests; an AG is obliged to its shareholders.

The value of the company increases with the increase in productivity due to lower wages.
The unions have to put back countries under the threat of relocating jobs to cheap wage countries, and hard-won workers give up rights.
Formerly proud workers now find themselves in the low-wage sector.

Young people are dissatisfied, it is the age of speculators. If a few decades ago young people wanted to improve the world and become lawyers, doctors or aid workers, today’s youth is only interested in getting rich as quickly as possible.

DSDS, Germanys next Topmodel, Big Brother and Popstars sell these dreams and are rewarded with incredible ratings.

The youth has hardly any ideals left, hardly any drive to achieve great things, roughly speaking it splits into 2 camps.

One camp hangs around on the streets without perspective, the other camp hangs in front of the Play Station without perspective.

Few industrious, determined young people visit the university to make something of their lives.

Many of our best students with good degrees have been moving from one unpaid internship to the next for years, hoping to finally get a job with a few years of work experience and a salary that matches their qualifications.

So much for the labour market situation in Europe.

The time is changing, the place where our parents and grandparents could still plan long-term with a permanent job for decades, now come short-term temporary contracts which make long-term planning seem impossible.

Under these circumstances it is not surprising that young people are looking for quick money, and birth rates continue to decline.

The birth rate in Germany is the lowest in the world.

Now the question arises whether it is meaningful Pokerprofi to become.
Fact is that one would be its own boss, which brings enormously much advantages with itself.

Freedom doesn’t mean that you can do what you want, but that you don’t have to do what you don’t want.

It is wonderful to be able to travel, to live in the sun and to have some financial leeway.

You can organize your time freely. But even there, the midst stacks are not the best, because you should adjust your working hours to the poker time of the leisure players in order to achieve an acceptable hourly wage.

You definitely do what you love.

But to play a game as a hobby or to run it as a profession are two different pairs of shoes.

Playing a game like this 5-6 days a week with 5-7 hours has less to do with a game than with hard work.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The game is complex, so complex that it is not possible to master it in one life.

And yet it’s relatively simple if you’ve been around for a long time. Situations and procedures repeat themselves over and over again, and playing 100,000 hands and more every month can be quite tiring.

It’s hard to maintain motivation.

At the same time, one cannot afford mistakes due to lack of concentration with the best will in the world.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the games have simply become tougher. Meanwhile, there is so much poker literature available that even on the small limits already respectable poker is played.

With it I do not say that the games are not to be beaten any more, they are also in the year 2016 further, but one can reach with a simple “starting hand chart” simply no zig bb/100 more.

There are many former successful mid stakes players, who hardly beat the small limits anymore. That is the reality.

And because the games are getting harder, you have to invest even more work into the further education to be able to continue to exist on your own limit.

But how much can you invest? How much do you want to invest?

Being a professional poker player doesn’t mean lying in the sun all day, pursuing your hobbies and then playing poker for 2-3 hours.
Poker is independence.

And as in any self-employment, you are constantly busy with your own self-employment. Since it must be one of the highest priorities to cushion the variance which is underestimated, must be per working day at least

But the pure working time is not over.

You have to educate yourself further, read books, watch coaching videos, analyse hands, keep statistics in order, keep an eye on legal relationships, deal with tax legislation, discuss hands with other poker professionals and and and…

As long as it goes up one leads a quite wonderful life.

You are your own boss, nobody gets on your nerves, and your self-confidence rises with the increasing income.

One can afford material things, which otherwise would lie probably in far distance. You get around in the world, open your horizon for new things, learn new languages and realize your hobbies. You can live in a beautiful house in the sun.

Sounds good? – It is, it is a desirable and legitimate goal.